Bin6South - Wine Café and Bottle Shop

Bin6South: A Wine Café and Bottle Shop

Discover the Best Food & Wine at Our Wine Café

Every dish at Bin6South is a passionate Wine Café and Bottle Shop masterpiece crafted by Michelin level chefs and Sommeliers. Complement your meal with the finest wine selections from our renowned wine store, catering to those searching for the epitome of good wine.

Signature Dishes at Our Bottle Shop & Wine Café

Dive into our 'Bin Board' and 'Crudo' market selection, echoing tales of culinary artistry. Experience Michelin star food quality with the zestful 'Shrimp Escabeche' and the hearty 'Pork Mattone' in our unique wine café setting.

Vegetarian & Seafood Delights: Wine Store Culinary Specials

Relish the earthy notes of our 'Roasted Mushroom and Gigante Bean' or savor delectable local food such as our gluten-free 'Top Neck Clams', a perfect blend of shishito, parsnip, and black lime, tailored for seafood aficionados.

Exquisite Meat and Pasta: Beyond Your Typical Wine Store

The 'Smoked Pork' masterfully combines aji amarillo with tomatillos, transcending conventional good food offerings. The 'Venison Saddle' is a carnivore's delight, while pasta enthusiasts will be captivated by the 'Crab Rigatoni', glowing with its rich shellfish butter.

Savor the Best at Our Wine Café and Online Bottle Shop

Bin6South is not just about top-tier food; our wine café offers a vast range of wines, from convenient wine to go options to a diverse wine online catalog. Explore our bottle shop and embrace global flavors right at home.

Bin6South - Wine Cafe and Bottle Shop

Award-Winning Wine Experience

At Bin6South, we're not just a Wine Café and Bottle Shop; we're a haven for wine enthusiasts. Our Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator speaks volumes about our dedication. Explore over 230 unique wines, many elusive vintages included, each telling its own story.

Expert Guidance and Gourmet Dining

Seek advice from our seasoned sommeliers, ready to pair your choice with culinary delights. Trained at renowned institutions, our chefs, with Michelin-starred backgrounds, aim for nothing but excellence.

Exclusivity and Luxury

With only 12 seats, we prioritize personalized attention, ensuring an intimate experience. For those wanting to savor our offerings at home, our wines are available online, maintaining our guarantee of quality and authenticity.

Join the Legacy

Join us and be part of the Bin6South legacy.